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Where are MagneTek motors and generators found? Just about everywhere - at work, at home or wherever you go for relaxation and recreation - worldwide! In fact, 7 out of 9 American homes have MagneTek electric motors in them.

Our motors provide the rotating power used in industrial, commercial and residential systems; we power a wide range of equipment like swimming pool pumps, exercise treadmills, air conditioners, air compressors, exhaust fans, conveyors and elevators - to name a few.

Similarly, MagneTek generators are known for their reliability and durability in providing primary and standby power for hospitals, telecommunications, construction, utilities, retail centers and more!

Look around. You'll find hard-working MagneTek motors and generators on-the-job making your life easier and more comfortable!

This web site is dedicated to helping you understand why MagneTek motors and generators are the best possible choice - whether you actually use or specify these products, or simply benefit from their innovative designs and reliable operation. We hope you find the information here helpful and encourage you to visit us often!

Become familiar with how we provide unique electric motor solutions for businesses and families worldwide. MagneTek Motor and Generator Products, Brands and Market Applications. A full library of product and technical literature you can download for reference. MagneTek Valued Partner Connection. Review news releases, company announcements, trade show schedules. Your resource for job openings and opportunities with MagneTek.

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